Water Temperature Sensors

Water Temperature Sensors


The Presscision TCC Sensor is a rugged, digital temperature sensor designed to measure maximum hot water temperature from fixtures following installation and adjustment of water temperature limiting devices. Thanks to the Presscision PPT instrument and TCC sensor, you can now provide conclusive documentation of the water temperature settings for fixtures that are governed by maximum hot water temperature limits, e.g., tubs, showers, bidets, whirlpools, etc.

Sensor Details

The Presscision TCC Sensor is a small, stainless-steel sensor designed to be immersed in hot water flowing from the fixture under test. The sensor accurately measures maximum hot water temperature during the installation and adjustment of water temperature limiting devices.

To conduct a temperature test, the user connects the sensor to the PPT instrument, powers up the instrument, then presses the Start Test button on the instrument home page. The sensor is then placed into a closed container (bucket), and the the fixture is set to deliver maximum hot water flow, with the flow directed into the container with the sensor. The instrument automatically tracks the water temperature until a stable temperature is reached, at which point a 5-second measurement cycle is automatically initiated. After completion of the test cycle, the user is directed to press the Pass or Fail button, enter job data consisting of user name & company, test location, and (optional) job notes. The job notes can be used to document the specifics of the fixture under test, e.g., “2nd floor, bathroom #2, tub” A detailed test report can be printed on-site using the instrument’s built in thermal printer, or printed at a later date via the instrument History function, or the pptConnect Windows application.

All TCC sensors are factory calibrated using a NIST-traceable temperature standard. The calibration is performed just prior to shipping from the factory. A certificate of calibration is supplied with every sensor. In order to maintain and document sensor accuracy, the factory strongly recommends a yearly re-certification of each TCC sensor.

Measurement Specifications

All measurements are conducted using high quality instrumentation with traceable accuracy contained within the Sensor.

  • Temperature measurement range: -67 to +257 degrees F (-55 to +125 degrees C)
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.9 degrees F (0.5 degrees C)

Base Unit Interface

The TCC Sensor interfaces to the PPT base unit via a supplied 7 ft cable. The cable provides all power, control and data interfaces for the Sensor.


  • Stainless steel Sensor body, 0.25″ diameter x 2″ length


  • Sensor : 0.10 lbs