Transforming Regulatory Testing for the Plumbing Industry


Author: Edwin Slate, Founder & CEO of Presscision Inc.

We live in a monumental time where the world around is evolving at a rapid pace. Just when we thought things couldn’t become more technologically advanced, the next prototype emerges. Electronics, medicine, energy, homes and cars are all indicative of accelerating advancements in capabilities since first introduced to the public. In contrast, the plumbing industry has generally been slow to adopt new technology. Recently, however, the industry has been introducing new products that represent significant technical advancements. One notable exception is in the area of regulatory pressure testing, where there has been little to no evolution in the equipment or methods used for regulatory pressure testing of plumbing installations. Until now.

Verifying the integrity of new or remodeled plumbing installations is but one of the many important services provided by plumbing contractors. Pressure testing to state and local regulatory codes is the primary mechanism employed by the plumber to ensure the safety and integrity of a plumbing installation prior to entry into service. Clearly, regulatory testing of plumbing carries a high risk in the event of failure. Undisclosed leaks in water supply or drain waste vent lines can lead to significant property damage and long-term health issues for human occupants. Leaks in fuel gas lines carry a significantly higher risk, both in terms of property damage and injury or death to humans.

Despite the high risk associated with failure of a plumbing regulatory test, the methods and equipment used for the vast majority of regulatory pressure testing has not changed significantly over the past 50 years. Current test methods typically rely on analog gauges for pressure measurement, and human operators for the proper conduct of the test and interpretation of test results. There are no tangible records of the test beyond the required sign-off of a permit line item. This lack of tangible test records results in much, if not the entire liability burden falling on the plumbing contractor in the event of a plumbing failure.

The Presscision PPT test instrument is the plumbing industry’s first of its kind digital test platform for regulatory pressure testing. It utilizes modern day technology that provides the means to significantly improve the accuracy and reliability of regulatory pressure testing. The modern test platform provides the highest level of safety while efficiently minimizing the risk associated with a failed or improperly conducted test.

Our mission at Presscision is laser focused on providing the plumbing industry with modern tools to increase safety, improve plumber efficiency and reduce plumber’s exposure to liability. The plumbing industry can utilize the Presscision PPT Instrument for the following applications: fuel gas lines, drain waste vents, water supply lines, medical gas installation, and fire suppression systems.