The Top 10 Reasons for Using a Presscision Instrument

The Top 10 Reasons for Using a Presscision Instrument

#1 Never Buy Another Analog Gauge

Analog gauges are Consumables! They are fragile and break. They often fail to return to a zero reading after removing pressure, resulting in a failed test. For this reason, many firms replace their analog gauges after each regulatory test.

​Analog gauges are inexpensive. But…

  • If you are a small company, you may go through 10 gauges or more a year at a cost of about $600 per year.
  • If you are a large firm, you may go through over 100 gauges per year. That’s over $5000 per year for gauges!

​The Presscision PPT instrument has an operating life of ten years or longer. It’s yearly operating cost is well under $200! 

#2 Guaranteed Accuracy

Analog gauges have a typical reported accuracy of 1% of the full scale reading. However, human interpretation of an analog gauge introduces significant levels of inaccuracy that is impossible to quantify.

In addition, analog gauges do not come with a calibration certificate that documents their accuracy relative to a traceable standard. This means there is no documented proof of the accuracy of the gauge.

Presscision pressure sensors have an accuracy of 0.25% of the full scale reading (1% when including temperature effects). Each sensor comes with a calibration certificate that provides proof of accuracy relative to a traceable pressure standard.

We stand behind the accuracy of our instrument!

#3 Test Record Keeping

Analog gauges provide no means of recording the data from a test. The technician conducting the test must properly conduct the test and record all test data.

Presscision instruments automatically record a comprehensive, permanent record of each and every test conducted. The data is recorded in tamper-proof memory directly in the instrument.

Data recorded with each test includes:

  • Date and time of the start and end of the test
  • Test type, test media, test pressure and duration
  • Pressure and ambient temperature at the start of the test
  • Pressure and ambient temperature at the end of the test
  • Measured pressure loss and temperature change during the test
  • Personnel name and company conducting the test
  • Location of the test (address, city, zip)
  • Test notes (2 lines of user entered notes further documenting the test)
  • Base unit model #, serial # and software version
  • Sensor model #, serial #, and calibration date

#4 Test Reports

Analog gauges provide no means of documenting a test. It is up to you or your technicians to properly document the results of each and every test.

Presscision instruments provide a detailed test report for each test. Test reports can be printed at the job site after completion of a test, or at a later time, using the built in printer.

In addition, when used with the pptConnect Windows application, you can generate detailed, beautifully formatted PDF test reports, suitable for emailing, printing, or inclusion in other test documentation.

#5 Test Automation

When using an analog gauge, the technician is responsible for the proper conduct of the test. This implies establishing a test pressure and test duration that meet the regulatory requirements. After completion of the test, there is no proof of the conduct of the test.

The Presscision instrument employs test automation to guarantee proper conduct of the test. The technician is still responsible for selecting the test pressure and duration prior to the test, but once set, the instrument guarantees the test is conducted at (or above) the test pressure and for the desired test duration. It is impossible to start a test if the pressure in the device under test is less than the test pressure. It is also impossible to conduct a test for a duration less than the desired test duration.

In addition, the instrument automatically documents the test conditions and results for every test!

#6 Detect Leaks Faster!

Experience has shown that analog gauges have great difficulty resolving small changes in pressure (due to leaks) over typical test times. For jobs that involve multiple stages of testing, often times leaks remain undiscovered until the late stages of the testing process. Identifying the presence of a leak at a late stage of testing can be a difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

The Presscision PPT instrument’s accurate and repeatable measurement capabilities combined with digital readout has demonstrated the ability detect small leaks that would otherwise go undetected by an analog gauge. Detecting leaks earlier in the test process makes the task of locating the leak much faster, saving time and money.

#7 Never Fail a Test Due to Instrument Failure

A common failure mode of analog gauges is the failure to “return to a 0.0” meter reading after removal of pressure from the device under test following test completion. This failure mode results in a failed test, with significant ramifications to job schedule and cost.

The Presscision PPT instrument uses modern, digital transducers for accurate, repeatable measurement of pressure and temperature. PPT users can go into a regulatory test with high confidence that a test will not fail due to failure of the instrument itself.

#8 Multi-Purpose Use

Analog gauges measure single static pressure over a single pressure range.

The PPT instrument is a multi-purpose test instrument that can accurately measure and monitor pressure, ambient temperature and water temperature (for testing and documenting hot water temperature from fixtures).  Monitoring features include: pressure transient monitoring and capture, and long term pressure and temperature trend monitoring.

#9 Reduced Exposure to Liability

By its very nature, an analog gauge does not provide any form of liability shield to the user. From undocumented sensor accuracy to the lack of test records, using an analog gauge leaves the user with no tangible proof of the results and accuracy of past tests.

The Presscision PPT instrument automatically generates documented test records that provide proof of measurement accuracy, test conduct, and results. These records and associated test reports provide a high level of protection from potential litigation.

#10 The Most Important Reason

You’ll sleep better at night knowing your testing is done using a Presscision Instrument!