The Presscision PPT Test Platform

The Presscision PPT instrument is a complete test platform designed specifically to support pressure and temperature testing in the plumbing industry. The test platform is designed to be modular, consisting of a universal Base Unit, and one or more measurement-specific Sensors that interface to the base unit via supplied cable. Sensor are currently available to support pressure testing up to 1000 psig, and water temperature testing up to 257 degrees F (125 degrees C).

The PPT instrument comprised of the Base Unit and one or more Sensors is designed to provide a fully “stand-alone” instrument capable of pressure and temperature testing, test data management, test report generation and test report printing. While fully capable as a “stand-alone” test instrument, the testing, data management and reporting capabilities of the PPT instrument can be extended considerably through the use of the (free) Windows productivity tool, pptConnect.

Base Unit

The Base Unit contains the instrument electronics, color touch screen user interface, thermal printer, and interfaces for power, sensors, and USB connection to an external computer. The base unit is housed in a rugged, water-tight (when closed) Pelican case.

The base unit is DC powered, requiring 12 volts at 0.2 amps nominal current. The base unit can be powered from a 120 volt AC wall adapter (included), or an optional alkaline or re-chargeable battery pack.

Base Unit Details


Sensors contain the test-specific instrumentation, and interface to the base unit via a supplied electrical cable.

PT Pressure Sensors

Presscision PT Sensors provide accurate measurement of pressure and ambient temperature using gas or liquid test media. The PT sensors interface to the plumbing under test via Male NPT connector, and connect to the base unit via 7′ cable (supplied). PT sensors come in multiple pressure ranges to support the following plumbing tests:

  • Fuel gas test: natural gas or propane
  • Drain waste vent test
  • Water supply test
  • Medical gas system test
  • Fire suppression test
  • Radiant heating/cooling system test
  • General leak detection test
  • HVAC line set pressure test


PT Sensor Details

TCC Temperature Sensors

The Presscision TCC Sensor is a rugged, digital temperature sensor designed to measure maximum hot water temperature from fixtures following installation and adjustment of water temperature limiting devices. Thanks to the Presscision PPT instrument and TCC sensor, you can now provide conclusive documentation of the water temperature settings for fixtures that are governed by maximum hot water temperature limits, e.g., tubs, showers, bidets, whirlpools, etc.

TCC Sensor Details

pptConnect Productivity Tool

The pptConnect Windows application can be used to greatly expand the test and data management functionality of the instrument. Capabilities provided by the pptConnect application include:

  • Data management: upload and manage instrument data from multiple instruments on a Windows computer.
  • Data browser: review all test data from multiple instruments using the easy to use test data browser.
  • Monitor Test data viewer: use the pptConnect application to view Monitor Test results (digital chart recorder test data). Monitor Test data is presented as time plots of pressure and temperature recorded over periods up to 48 hours, with full statistics. Integrated pan and zoom functions permit identification and documentation of challenging pressure and temperature transients captured during the test.
  • Detailed report generation: generate beautifully formatted test reports in PDF file format, suitable for emailing, printing, or inclusion in other reports. Report include complete details of each test, and for Monitor Tests, pressure and temperature versus time plots.


pptConnect Windows Application Details