Maintenance, Calibration, & Service


Under normal use, the Base Unit and Sensors do not require regular maintenance beyond:

  • Base Unit: replace printer paper and clean the touch display as needed (see Base Unit User Manual for details).
  • Pressure Sensors: after testing with liquid media, make sure to lightly shake any liquid from the sensor after removal from the device under test.
  • Sensor Pod: inspect pressure hose ends for wear and tear that could lead to leakage (see Sensor Pod User Manual for details).​

Sensor & Sensor Pod Re-Calibration Service

To maintain the high level of accuracy provided by this test instrument, the factory strongly recommends a yearly re-calibration of all sensors and sensor pods. The factory will not guarantee the accuracy of sensors or sensor pods that are operated beyond the re-calibration date! The re-calibration service includes the following:

  • Full inspection of the Sensor. The service department will inform you if any elements of the sensor need repair or replacement. Repairs and replacements are not covered under this re-calibration service!
  • Re-calibrate Sensor and issue new calibration certificate
  • Return ground shipping to customer (US customers only)


The Presscision PPT instrument and associated sensors should give you many years of reliable service provided you give it the care outlined above, and treat it as your favorite test instrument. However, in the event service is required, please contact the factory. We will do our best to get you up and running without returning instrument. If you do have to return the instrument for repair, we promise to turn it around as quickly as possible. We know how valuable this instrument is to your business!

For Service, Please Contact the Factory at

phone: 774.521.9132