Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(*Merchant payment systems refers to any financial institution that you are using to facilitate your purchase.)

Who we are

We are Presscision. A company that offers first of its kind technology.

What personal data we collect and why

The only data we collect is what is requested on our contact forms or during a purchase

Contact forms

The data we collect on this form is to allow us the ability to reach out to you. It stays within
our system and is not shared with any other third parties unless it is needed to facilitate a
purchase which you had initialized.


It allows us to build a better more personalized user experience for our customers. It helps us determine
what data is most important to our guests and customers and affords us the ability to keep that
content easily accessible.

Embedded third part content

We do not allow solicitation on our site. This includes third party links not related
to our content. Any links or advertisements that you see on our site will be affiliates or partners
that are directly related to the products we sell.

Who we share your data with

We only share data during a purchase/transaction with the merchant payment system.
Any data collected while making a purchase, that is used as such is shared only to complete
the said transaction. The amount of data that we share is minimal and is only what is needed to
facilitate the purchase.

How long your data stays on file

When you create an account in our system your data is stored on a secured database. It remains in
that stored database for as long as you have an account with us. Should you decide to delete
your account, your profile, data, address information and anything that you had registered in the
system will be removed permanently. Please be mindful that if you delete your account by mistake
you will need to re-enter all your personal information in again.

Where we send your data

Your data stays stored on our system until either you delete your profile or we delete
your profile. Your data is not shared or sent anywhere unless you are making a purchase. Then, the
minimal amount of data needed to facilitate that purchase is shared with the merchant system to complete
the transaction.

Your contact information

When you subscribe and or register an account with our site, you give us express consent to send
marketing materials, updates, promotions and other communications regarding our products or services.
These communications will deal only with the items offered on our site. You can opt out of this
by simple sending us an email stating that you would like to opt out of our marketing promotions.

How we use your data

The only data that is used is your email for marketing and promotional purposes. If you are making a purchase
then the minimal amount of data needed to facilitate that purchase is shared with the merchant payment system.

What rights do you have to your data

When you register an account with us you still have full access to all of your data. You also have
the ability and the right to delete your account/profile at anytime.

How do we protect your data

Your data is secured and stored in our database until such time that you delete your account or
we delete your account for violating our website policies.

Policy violations

We reserve the right to delete/remove your account/profile and all personal data from our database
at anytime without notice if we feel you are using our website for malicious purposes.

When is your data used

The only time your data is used is when a purchase/transaction is taking place. Then, the minimal amount
of data needed to make that purchase is shared only with the merchant payment system. Your email may be used
to communicate sales, promotions and new products.

What level of security do we use

Our security is backed by our host. Your data is secured behind multiple firewalls and other measures
taken by our host. However, like with anything shared and or stored online, nothing is foolproof. So we ask that
you please be mindful of the data that you share and be proactive about proper maintenance of your account. This would include
Changing password every 60 days, monitoring invoices for unauthorized transactions and actively managing payment storage.

What we share and what we don’t

Any information that is shared is to facilitate a purchase. That information is shared with the
merchant payment system and is minimal at best. We only use/share what is needed to complete the purchase. This information
is shared among the financial institutions that are involved at that point. (example: your bank, credit card co, payment gateway, etc)
We don’t share your email, or any other information with third parties. Unless it is to facilitate a purchase that you have initiated.
We will never ask you for your password, or request personal information via email.

Should you have any questions please feel free to call us 774.521.9132 or email