Presscision PPT Launch Press Release



Presscision Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its Presscision PPT Instrument, the plumbing industry’s first of its kind automated test instrument. A novel application of state-of-the-art technology, the Presscision PPT is a rugged, portable instrument providing automated pressure and temperature testing for commercial and residential plumbing installations. The instrument is used to conduct regulatory testing of natural gas installations, water supply lines, drain waste vent (DWV) lines, fire suppression systems, and med gas distribution systems.

“Our goal with the Presscision PPT Instrument is to reduce the exposure to ever increasing levels of liability by providing customers with an accurate, state-of-the-art device that generates a permanent, comprehensive record of the tests conducted,” said Edwin Slate, Founder and CEO of Presscision Inc. “At the same time, we believe PPT will increase the productivity of plumbers and provide a long-term cost-saving tool.”

End users of Presscision’s PPT Instrument can expect accurate measurements of pressure and temperature with every use by virtue of the certified sensing technology. By integrating fully automated tests, the device eliminates human subjectivity and error from the test process. The instrument maintains a comprehensive, permanent, and tamper-proof record of all tests conducted.

A modular system that eliminates human error

Presscision was originally developed with the National Football League (NFL) in mind, in response to the January 2015 Deflategate controversy centering on the alleged use of under-inflated footballs. At that time, NFL policies regarding validation of ball pressure by NFL officiating crews were not well designed to handle controversies such as Deflategate, largely due to the lack of standards pertaining to ball pressure measurement and record-keeping. Additionally, measurements were strongly influenced by human subjectivity and environmental factors (temperature and barometric pressure).

Following the Deflategate controversy, Presscision developed an instrument providing three core functions to meet the pertinent legalities for ball pressure validation. The three functions were automation, accurate pressure/temperature/barometric pressure measurement, and comprehensive data recording. It was soon discovered that the instrument’s capabilities not only pertained to ball pressure management, but were also ideal for the plumbing industry’s pressure test applications.