Presscision Adds New PC Based Productivity Tool



Presscision Incorporated, a manufacturer of innovative test equipment for the plumbing industry, is pleased to announce the release of a new productivity tool for its PPT pressure and temperature test instrument.

The PPT_Host tool is an PC based application (app) that interfaces to a PPT test instrument and allows:

    • Test data files to be uploaded from the instrument and saved on the PC.
    • Browsing of test records from uploaded test data files using an interface similar to the user interface on the instrument (sample screen shot below).
    • Test report generation from user selected test records.
    • Management of instrument functions, for example, set the instrument time and date using local internet time and date.

PDF Test Reports

One of the most exciting features of the PPT_Host app is the PDF test report generation feature. This feature allows generation of detailed test reports for any test record selected by the user using the apps browser interface. The reports are generated as PDF files, suitable for printing or emailing. The PDF test reports that are generated are full page documents that provide complete documentation of the test (sample PDF report below). The app allows you to customize the report by adding your company’s contact information to the bottom of the report.

The PPT_Host app is currently available for Windows computers. The free app and full user’s manual are available for download from the Presscision website downloads page.

Please contact Presscision for Mac availability.

Presscision Incorporated has a keen understanding that a reliable testing instrument is vital to a plumber’s job. Therefore, we have developed an instrument that is carefully tailored to provide ease of use and maximum value to our customers.

Our mission at Presscision is laser focused on providing industry with modern tools to increase safety, improve testing efficiency and reduce exposure to liability. If interested in learning more about its capabilities, and to try a state-of-the-art device, please give us a call.