Presscision Versus Analog Gauges

Presscision PPT Versus Analog Gauges

When making a purchase decision regarding tools of the trade, many times the primary consideration is the initial cost. However, when viewed as a long-term investment, the Presscision instrument’s true cost of ownership is significantly less than that for an analog gauge, as seen here.

What the cost of ownership does not factor in, however, is the added value that the advanced features and performance of the Presscision instrument delivers to the owner over the lifetime of the instrument.

The following comparison reveals the significant benefits of the PPT instrument when compared to the analog pressure gauge.

Measurement Capabilities The PPT instrument is a versatile, multi-purpose test instrument that can accurately measure pressure, ambient temperature and water temperature.

The instrument also includes a monitoring feature normally provided by dedicated chart recorders. The Monitor Mode provides transient pressure monitoring and capture, as well as long term pressure and temperature trend monitoring.

Measures single static pressure over a single pressure range.
Accuracy Pressure sensor accuracy of +/- 0.25% (+/- 1% including thermal effects).

Each sensor comes with a calibration certificate that provides proof of accuracy
relative to a traceable pressure standard.

Fundamental instrument accuracy is typically +/- 1%. However, human interpretation of an analog gauge introduces significant levels of inaccuracy that is difficult to quantify.

No calibration certificate provided with analog gauges.

Record Keeping The instrument records a comprehensive data record for each test in permanent, tamper-proof memory.

Each test record provides thorough documentation of the test conduct and results.

No data recording capabilities.
Test Reports Test report can be printed at the job site using the built-in printer.

Detailed test reports can also be generated in PDF format (suitable for printing, email or texting) using the pptConnect Windows application productivity tool.

No test reporting capabilities.