PPT Instrument

PPT Intangible Benefits

The comparison above captures the tangible benefits of the PPT instrument
relative to an analog gauge. However does not show the many intangible benefits of
utilizing the device. These benefits include:

Ease and speed at which an issue (e.g., leak) can be identified:

Experience has shown that analog gauges have great difficulty resolving small changes in pressure (due to leaks) over typical test times. For jobs that involve multiple stages of testing, often times leaks remain undiscovered until the late stages of the testing process. Identifying the source of a leak at a late stage of testing can be a difficult, time-consuming, and costly. The Presscision PPT instrument’s accurate and repeatable measurement capabilities combined with digital readout has demonstrated the ability detect small leaks that would otherwise go undetected by an analog gauge. Detecting leaks earlier in the test process makes the task of locating the leak much faster, saving time and money.

Risk and costs associated with failed tests:

A common failure mode of analog gauges is the failure to “return to a 0.0” meter reading after removal of pressure from the device under test following test completion. This failure mode results in a failed test, with significant ramifications to job schedule and cost. The Presscision PPT instrument uses modern, digital transducers for accurate, repeatable measurement of pressure and temperature. PPT users can go into a regulatory test with high confidence that a test will not fail due to failure of the instrument itself.

Liability exposure:

By its very nature, an analog gauge does not provide any form of liability shield to the user. From undocumented sensor accuracy to the lack of test records, using an analog gauge leaves the user with no tangible proof of the results and accuracy of past tests. The Presscision PPT instrument automatically generates documented test records that provide proof of measurement accuracy, test conduct, and results. These records and associated test reports provide a high level of protection from potential litigation.

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