Pressure Sensor Pod

Pressure Sensor Pod for gas test media

Note: “pod” style pressure sensors are being phased out of production in 2019. The PT015g pressure sensor pod will be available at a discounted price while supplies last.


The PT015G pressure sensor pod is intended for low pressure (0-15 psig) tests using gas test media. The PT015G pod provides measurement of pressure and ambient temperature.

Typical test applications:

  • Fuel gas tests (natural gas and propane)
  • Drain waste vent (DWV) tests


Sensor Pod Calibration

The PT015G sensor pod is factory calibrated using a NIST-traceable pressure standard. The calibration is performed just prior to shipping from the factory. A certificate of calibration is supplied with every PT015G sensor pod.

In order to maintain and document the sensor accuracy, the factory strongly recommends a yearly re-certification of each sensor pod.

Measurement Specifications

All measurements are conducted using high quality sensors with traceable accuracy contained within the sensor pod.

  • Pressure range: 0 to 15 psig
  • Pressure accuracy: Grade A, +/- 1 % span (+/- 0.15 psig)
  • Temperature range: -67 to +302 deg F (-55 to 150 deg C)
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.7 deg F
  • Standards: manufactured in accordance with ASME B40.100

Base Unit Interface

The PT015G sensor pod interfaces to the PPT base unit via a supplied 7 ft cable. The cable provides all power, control and data interfaces for the sensor pod.

Plumbing Interface

The plumbing interface provides the interface connection between the sensor pod and the plumbing under test.

Each sensor pod includes a plumbing interface consisting of:

  • Pressure hose connection (“push to connect” type)
  • Plumbing connection: 1/4″ NPT male fitting. A 1/4″ NPT female to 1/2″ NPT male adapter is also supplied
  • Pressure relief valve: provide protection of the sensor pod pressure instrumentation from over-pressurization

The plumbing interface connects to the sensor pod via a supplied 7 ft long, 0.25″ OD flexible high pressure hose.


  • Rugged plastic case with soft silicon outer jacket.


  • Sensor pod only: 5.5″ (l) x 3.25″ (w) x 1.5″ (h)


  • Sensor pod only: 0.5 lbs. (approximately)