PPT Instrument

The Presscision PPT Instrument

The Presscision PPT instrument consists of a Base Unit, and one or more measurement-specific Sensors that interface to the base unit via supplied cable.

Base Unit

The Base Unit contains the instrument electronics, color touch screen user interface, thermal printer, and interfaces for power, sensors, and usb connection to an external computer.

Base Unit Details


Sensors contain the test-specific instrumentation, and interface to the base unit via a supplied electrical cable.

PT Pressure Sensors

Measures pressure and ambient temperature using gas or liquid test media. PT sensors come in multiple pressure ranges to support the following standard plumbing tests:

  • Fuel gas test: natural gas or propane
  • Drain waste vent test
  • Water supply test
  • Medical gas system test
  • Fire suppression test
  • Radiant heating system test
  • General leak detection test


PT Sensor Details

Stay tuned for announcements of availability of more sensor ranges and types!