Presscision Incorporated, a manufacturer of innovative test equipment for the plumbing industry, is pleased to announce that its PPT Instrument now combines the capabilities of three test instruments into one powerful and cost-effective device. Its new water temperature sensor and test mode now adds the capability to accurately adjust and fully document maximum hot water temperatures for fixtures using water temperature-limiting devices.

The PPT Instrument is unique in its ability to provide accurate measurement of pressure and temperature, incorporate test automation to eliminate human error and subjectivity, and create a permanent, detailed record of every test. This tradition continues with the addition of the new temperature test mode, providing the means to accurately, and permanently document the maximum water temperatures for all hot water fixtures using water temperature-limiting devices, including showers, bathtubs, whirlpools, bidets, etc.

The water temperature sensor seamlessly interfaces with the existing PPT Instrument via the same connection used by pressure sensors. The temperature test adds to the existing suit of comprehensive pressure tests supported by the device which includes fuel gas testing, drain waste vents, supply lines, medical gas systems, fire suppression systems, radiant heat/cool applications, generalized leak detection, pressure trend monitoring and pressure transient capture.

The design philosophy behind the PPT Instrument is unchanged and unmatched. “We employ sensors that are vetted for guaranteed accuracy, combined with test automation and permanent record keeping. This combination allows users to work faster and with more confidence,” said Edwin Slate, President of Presscision Incorporated.

The instrument’s built-in test automation eliminates human error and subjectivity from the test process. Operators can deliver consistent quality despite wide variations in skill levels. All tests, including the new temperature test and recently announced chart recorder, create a permanent, tamper-proof record for bullet-proof record keeping.

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Presscision Incorporated has a keen understanding that a reliable testing instrument is vital to a plumber’s job. Therefore, we have developed an instrument that is carefully tailored to provide ease of use and maximum value to our customers.

Our mission at Presscision is laser focused on providing industry with modern tools to increase safety, improve testing efficiency and reduce exposure to liability. If interested in learning more about its capabilities, and to try a state-of-the-art device, please give us a call.