New Sensors For Mixed Media Testing



Presscision Incorporated, a manufacturer of innovative test equipment for the plumbing industry, is pleased to debut its new line of mixed media sensors that permit testing with liquid and gas test media. The PPT Instrument, a portable device that provides automated pressure and temperature testing for commercial and residential plumbing installations, can now be used on all pressure test applications as a result of the new sensors. This includes fuel gas systems, drain waste vents (“DWV”), water supply lines, fire suppression systems, medical gas systems, radiant heating systems, irrigation lines, and more. The sensors allow users to conduct pressure tests with water and other non-corrosive liquids as well as gases.

The new sensors are currently available in two pressure ranges: 0 to 15 psig and 0 to 150 psig. Higher pressures, including 0 to 300 psig, 0 to 600 psig and 0 to 1000 psig are available on special order. Customers are encouraged to contact the factory for special orders.

“We have made significant changes to the sensor system to simplify the connection of the device under test,” said Edwin Slate, President of Presscision Incorporated. “This introduction of our mixed media sensors will ensure that our customers and partners will be able to utilize our PPT Instrument for any project. It is our mission to create products that are easy to use, reliable, and accurate with every use.”

The mixed media sensors, connector and cable are IP-67 rated, meaning it will tolerate submersion in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. The sensor is packaged in a small, extremely rugged stainless-steel housing with a ¼” male NPT fitting for a direct connection to the device being tested. The new packaging replaces the sensor pod and pressure hose connection between the plumbing and the pod. The sensor now installs to the device under test in identical fashion to the analog pressure gauge it replaces.

All sensor pods purchased previously will continue to be supported by the PPT Instrument, as well as the new mixed media sensors.

Presscision Incorporated has a keen understanding that a reliable testing instrument is vital to a plumber’s job. Therefore, we have developed an instrument that is carefully tailored to provide ease of use and maximum value to our customers.

Our mission at Presscision is laser focused on providing industry with modern tools to increase safety, improve testing efficiency and reduce exposure to liability. If interested in learning more about its capabilities, and to try a state-of-the-art device, please give us a call.