New Monitor Mode Test



Presscision Incorporated, a manufacturer of innovative test equipment for the plumbing industry, is pleased to share the latest testing capabilities available for its PPT Instrument. Monitor Mode, its new digital monitor feature continuously captures and records pressure and temperature data over user-specified test durations of up to 48 hours. Monitor Mode is intended to be used as a modern replacement for chart recorders, and as a powerful tool for capturing, recording and documenting the most challenging pressure transients.


As always, Presscision’s PPT Instrument maintains a permanent record of all pressure and temperature data recorded during a Monitor Mode test. All data recorded during a Monitor Mode test is sampled and recorded using an intelligent sampling method that accurately captures challenging pressure transients while minimizing data storage requirements during extended recording periods.


Data captured during a Monitor Mode test can be viewed, analyzed and documented using Presscision’s new Windows application, pptConnect. This new application provides the user with a convenient, easy to use tool for managing all test data captured by the instrument. Capabilities of the application include:

  • Upload all test data from the instrument and store on a Windows computer.
  • Seamlessly browse and review all test data using a convenient user interface. For Monitor Mode tests, the recorded pressure and temperature data is displayed as two independent graphical plots of pressure and temperature versus time. Both plots can be panned (moved) and scaled by the user to allow detailed evaluation of transients, etc.
  • Generate detailed test reports in PDF format, suitable for printing, emailing, texting or inclusion in other report documentation.
  • Manage instrument settings (set time, etc.).


PDF reports generated by the pptConnect application contain full test details, including:

  • Date, time and location of the test.
  • Test parameters: test media, test type (e.g., fuel gas, DWV, supply, etc.).
  • Test results: starting and ending pressure and temperature, change in pressure and temperature during test.
  • Test status: pass/fail.
  • User entered test notes.
  • Test equipment details: instrument and sensor model and serial numbers, sensor calibration date, instrument software version number.
  • For Monitor Mode tests, the PDF report includes user scaled plots of the recorded pressure and temperature versus time.

“The Monitor Mode adds an exciting and powerful new capability to the Presscision PPT instrument. With this new feature, you can now capture, record and fully document the most challenging pressure transients, as well as long-term pressure and temperature trends. Our goal at Presscision is to make the PPT instrument the single most versatile and valuable tool in your toolset,” said Edwin Slate, President of Presscision Incorporated.

The fully integrated Monitor Mode complements the company’s existing suite of tests supported by the instrument. This includes fuel gas testing, drain waste vents, supply lines, medical gas systems, fire suppression systems, radiant heat/cool applications, and generalized leak detection.

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Presscision Incorporated has a keen understanding that a reliable testing instrument is vital to a plumber’s job. Therefore, we have developed an instrument that is carefully tailored to provide ease of use and maximum value to our customers.

Our mission at Presscision is laser focused on providing industry with modern tools to increase safety, improve testing efficiency and reduce exposure to liability. If interested in learning more about its capabilities, and to try a state-of-the-art device, please give us a call.