Innovative Technology

The PPT instrument makes an impact

The Presscision PPT test instrument is the plumbing industry’s first of its kind digital test platform for regulatory pressure testing. It utilizes modern day technology thatprovides the means to significantly improve the accuracy and reliability of regulatory pressure testing. The modern test platform provides the highest level of safety while efficiently minimizing the risk associated with a failed or improperly conducted test. The Presscision PPT instrument was designed to take advantage of modern, digital technology:

1. The instrument incorporates accurate, stable, digital sensor technology for the pressure measurements. The instrumentation is calibrated against a pressure reference traceable to NIST standards to guarantee and certify the level of accuracy.

2. The instrument uses test automation to remove the human from the test process. This eliminates human error in conducting the test (testing at an incorrect pressure or for an incorrect duration), and human subjectivity during the process of reading an analog gauge.

3. The instrument automatically generates a comprehensive, permanent, and tamper proof record of every test. Test records can be recalled and printed at any time, providing conclusive evidence of a test.

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