What is Presscision?

The Presscision PPT Test Instrument

Presscision PPT is a pressure and temperature test instrument that was designed by the plumbing industry, for the plumbing industry. It integrates state of the art technology that provides the means to significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of regulatory and non-regulatory pressure and temperature testing. The modern test platform provides the highest level of safety while minimizing the risk associated with a failed or improperly conducted test.

Unmatched Versatility

The PPT instrument provides the functionality of three separate test instruments in one easy-to-use device:

#1: Pressure Test Instrument

Provides accurate measurement of pressure in support of regulatory and non-regulatory test requirements using gas or liquid test media. Use it wherever you would use an analog pressure gauge!

#2: Chart Recorder

Provides high-fidelity, long term (up to 48 hour) pressure and temperature recording for trend monitoring, and/or pressure transient capture and documentation.

#3: Water Temperature Test Instrument

Provides accurate water temperature measurement in support of installation and adjustment of temperature limiting devices for hot water fixtures (tubs, showers, bidets, whirlpools, etc.).

Test Faster, Test Smarter…

Our patented design allows you to test efficiently and effectively while reducing your exposure to liability, saving you money in the long run. Core features of the instrument design include:

1. Accurate Sensors: Precisely calibrated and vetted sensors allow us to guarantee sensor accuracy, and allowing you to test with the highest of confidence. All of our sensors are supplied with calibration certificates showing calibration against a traceable standard.

2. High Resolution: The combination of accurate sensors and high resolution digital display means you will quickly detect the presence of any leaks.

3. Test Automation: The instrument uses test automation to eliminate human error and subjectivity from the test process.

4. Permanent Record Keeping: The instrument automatically generates a comprehensive, permanent, and tamper proof record of every test. Test records can be recalled and printed at any time, providing conclusive evidence conduct and results of any test.

5. Detailed Test Reports: Print detailed test reports on-site using the built in printer, or use the free Windows pptConnect application to generate beautifully formatted reports in PDF file format, suitable for printing, emailing, or inclusion in other documentation.

Broad Support of Plumbing Test Needs

The PPT instrument is designed to support the pressure and temperature testing requirements for commercial and residential plumbing in satisfaction of regulatory codes.

The instrument can also be used for non-regulatory testing, for example:

  • To conduct “incremental” testing conducted during fabrication, potentially in advance of regulatory testing.
  • To conduct generalized leak detection: HVAC line sets, water irrigation lines, swimming pool plumbing, gas storage tanks, etc.
  • To conduct in-house testing of pre-fabricated assemblies.


The instrument provides multiple “standard” test types for the conduct of pressure and temperature tests. The standard test types supported include:

Pressure tests:

Fuel gas installations (natural gas or propane)

Drain waste vent lines (DWV)

Water supply lines

Med-gas installations

Fire suppression systems

Radiant heating/cooling systems

Leak Test (non-regulatory): used for generalized leak detection

Monitor Test: used for long term pressure/temperature monitoring and pressure transient capture

Custom test (non-regulatory): used for training or for conducting short tests to check the instrument setup

Temperature tests:

Plumbing fixture water temperature testing following installation and/or adjustment of water temperature limiting devices used on tubs, showers, bidets, whirlpools, etc.

How is a test conducted?

Check out our tutorials here to see exactly how powerful and easy-to-operate the PPT instrument really is!

The instrument provides an easy to use, step-by-step process for the setup and conduct of a test. All tests conducted by the instrument use test parameters (minimum test pressure and test duration) established by the operator. As a safeguard, the PPT instrument will not allow the operator to define minimum test pressures that are outside of the measurement ranges of the attached sensor. Further, pressure tests cannot be initiated if the initial plumbing pressure is below the minimum test pressure specified by the operator.

The test process includes the following steps:

  1. Specify test type and test parameters (e.g., minimum test pressure and duration)
  2. Pressurize the plumbing under test. The tests cannot be initiated if the initial plumbing pressure is below the minimum test pressure specified by the operator.
  3. Start the test. Once started, the test is conducted automatically by the instrument.
  4. At the completion of the test, the user can optionally demonstrate the pressure “return to zero” by venting the plumbing to atmosphere.
  5. Review test results and Pass or Fail the test.
  6. Enter test “job data”, including name and company of individual conducting the test, test location, and job notes.
  7. Print test report on built-in thermal printer, or use the pptConnect Windows application to produce detailed test reports in PDF format (sample report below).