How to upload and review data on a desktop computer using pptConnect

Tutorial: How to Upload and Review Test Data on a Computer using pptConnect

Using a Windows computer with the pptConnect application installed, connect a USB 2.0 Type A Male connector to an open USB port on the computer.
Connect the other end of the USB cable with Type B Male connector to the USB port connection on the instrument (immediately to the left of the sensor connection).

Please reference the pptConnect download page for the application download link, installation instructions and full user's manual.

Note: a sensor does not need to be connected to the instrument to use the pptConnect application!
Power up the instrument by pressing the power on/off button. Wait for the instrument to power-up to the Home Page.

Launch the pptConnect application using the desktop icon or the Start Menu item.

The pptConnect application will launch and display the main page.
Select the Instrument/Connect menu item in pptConnect to open a connection with the instrument. A port Settings dialog will be displayed allowing selection of the serial port on the computer for the connection.

Normally, the default port indicated will be the correct port to use, however, if the Description field does not indicate “Teensy USB Serial”, then select another port using the drop-down list.

When the correct port is indicated, press the OK button to connect to the
instrument, or press the Cancel button to cancel the operation.
If the instrument connection is successful, the Status Message display at the bottom of application window will indicate “Connected to Instrument” (displayed for 5 seconds) and the Connection Status LED in the bottom right hand corner of the window will turn green.
Use the Instrument/Upload Test Data File from Instrument menu item in pptConnect to initiate test data upload from the instrument.

A standard Windows file save dialog box will be presented, allowing selection of the name and location of the saved data. It is highly recommended that you use the recommended filename for the saved data file (the filename is derived from the instrument serial number). Press the Save button in the dialog to initiate data upload.

The upload may take several seconds or longer, depending on file size. Once the upload is completed, the Status Message display will indicate “Upload Instrument Log File... Success” (displayed for 5 seconds), the uploaded log file will automatically be opened, and the application window will display the data for the last (newest) test record in the uploaded file.
Use the Oldest, Previous, Next and Newest buttons to browse the test data records. The current record number and total number of records are displayed next to the data browser buttons. As data is browsed, the data fields in the pptConnect window are updated.

The main region of the pptConnect application includes a Tab control with two tabs. Pressing the Test Details tab displays the recorded test details for the selected record. Pressing the Monitor Data tab displays monitor data (recorded pressure and temperature data) for the selected record.

Note: monitor data is only recorded for tests run with the Monitor Test type. The Monitor Test type is specified during test setup in the instrument just prior to running the test.
Print a detailed test report in PDF file format using the File/Print to PDF menu item.

All recorded test records will generate a (minimum) one page report. The first page contains the Test Details.

If the test type for the selected test record is Monitor Test, a second page will be printed, containing the monitor test data graphical plots (with user applied pan/scale settings).
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