How to capture and document a pressure transient using pptConnect

Tutorial: How to Capture and Document a Pressure Transient Using pptConnect

Use the "How to Conduct a Pressure Test" tutorial to setup and run a Monitor Test.
After pressing the Start Test button on the Home Page of the instrument, select the "Monitor Test" test type. Establish the test pressure and duration as you normally would for a pressure test. The duration can be from 10 minutes to 48 hours.

Run the test to completion using the pressure test tutorial as a guide.

Note: continuous recording of pressure and temperature is only performed for Monitor Test types!
Use the "How to Upload and Review Test Data on a Computer using pptConnect" tutorial to setup and upload the test data to a computer running pptConnect.

Use the data browse buttons to select the test record containing the desired Monitor Test data.
Selecting the Monitor Data tab displays recorded Monitor Test data.

The mouse pointer, button and scroll functions can be used to pan and zoom the displayed Monitor Test data. In the Zoom Controls group box, two checkbox controls provide independent enable/disable of vertical and horizontal zoom functions.

To locate a transient:
Click the Restore Ranges button under Zoom Controls to display the full data set for the selected test record.
Disable the horizontal zoom function by unchecking the horizontal zoom control.
Enable the vertical zoom function by checking the vertical zoom control.
Position the mouse over the data curve in the pressure plot, and use the mouse scroll function to zoom vertically until the pressure scale reveals the presence of transients. Use the mouse click and drag function to move the data curve as desired in the plot window.
Once satisfied with the data presentation, the transient can be documented by printing a detailed test report to a PDF file via the File/Print to PDF menu item.
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