Cost of Ownership

Presscision PPT Cost of Ownership

The PPT instrument was designed with the user in mind, starting with a clean sheet of paper. Because of this, It’s capabilities far exceed those of the traditional analog pressure gauge it replaces. Naturally, these advanced capabilities come with a higher initial purchase price for the user. However, when making a purchase decision, factors such as the true cost of ownership, should be considered.

When viewed as a long-term investment, the Presscision instrument’s true cost of ownership is significantly less than that for an analog gauge, as seen in the following evaluation:

Operating Life The Presscision instrument will last for 10 years, or longer. Regular software updates will extend the operating life by adding new features and performance updates. Analog gauges are “consumables”. Due to the high failure rate, many firms choose to replace analog gauges after each regulatory test.
Yearly Cost Amortizing the cost over a 10-year lifetime: approximately than $100 per year.

Small firms (10 analog gauges per year): $600 per year.

Large firms (100 gauges per year): over $5000 per year.