About Us

About Us

The origin of the Presscision PPT Instrument can be traced to the January 2015 Deflategate controversy, when the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots faced off in the AFC Championship game. This resulted in a dispute over the use of an under-inflated football, an illegal action according to National Football League (NFL) bylaws. At the time, there was a lack of standards implemented by the NFL that pertained to ball pressure measurement. The NFL practices for ball management in place at the time were strongly influenced by human subjectivity and environmental factors, and record-keeping was non-existent. Edwin Slate, President and founder of Presscision Incorporated (Presscision) followed the Deflategate controversy very closely. It became apparent to Ed that there were serious flaws in the process used by the NFL when measuring and monitoring football pressure. Little did Ed know that this controversy would be the start of an invigorating journey.

In January 2016, Ed began developing a product for sports ball pressure management which incorporated three key elements designed to make the process of ball pressure management straightforward and precise: test automation, vetted measurements (of ball pressure, ambient temperature and barometric pressure), and comprehensive test recording.

The Pivot

Although the original test instrument was designed for ball pressure management for the college and professional sports industry, Ed discovered an unrelated industry that could also benefit from an instrument of this nature; plumbing. The plumbing industry has multiple market segments that require the conduct of pressure and temperature testing during new construction and/or remodeling projects. In similar fashion to the ball pressure management application, tests conducted in the plumbing industry are subject to considerable uncertainty. Errors in pressure and temperature testing in the plumbing industry can have disastrous consequences including damage/destruction of property and injury or death of humans. It was quickly apparent that the same technology and capabilities employed by the ball pressure management device could be leveraged to eliminate the uncertainty in the plumbing industry regarding the regulatory testing of pressure and temperature.

In November 2017, Presscision was pleased to announce the launch of its PPT Pressure and Temperature test instrument, a modular, portable test device used to conduct regulatory testing of natural gas installations, water supply lines, drain waste vent (DWV) lines, fire suppression systems, and medical gas distribution systems, and more.

Edwin Slate, President & Founder

Edwin Slate, President and founder of Presscision Incorporated has built his career on a passion for applying logic, mathematics, and engineering principles to solve problems and create innovative products. As Ed reveals, “Engineering is nothing more than a mindset and set of tools for solving problems and designing products that benefit people and industry.” With over 35 years in his craft, Ed has worked in roles surrounding technical management and engineering design functions for a variety of industries including terrestrial and underwater robotics, autonomous systems, and industrial automation. A seasoned industry professional, Ed has a unique eye for making things safer, faster, more accurate, and less expensive.