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Introducing the Presscision PPT Test InstrumentSee What Makes Us Unique...


Accurate digital pressure and temperature sensors. Calibrated against traceable standards to provide guaranteed accuracy. Pressure measurement with display resolution of 0.01 PSI helps you quickly detect the smallest leaks in your system.


Automated test process eliminates human error and subjectivity. Set the test pressure and duration, then press GO. Visual and audible alarm indicates end of the test. It does not get any simpler!


A comprehensive data record is automatically saved for each test, creating a permanent & tamper-proof record of all tests. Reproduce test results days, months or years after the test!


Print a complete test report on-site using the built in printer. Or, use the pptConnect Windows application to create beautifully formatted, detailed test reports in PDF file format, suitable for emailing, printing, or inclusion in other test documentation.

Digital Chart Recorder

Monitor Test records pressure and temperature over extended periods up to 48 hours. Use in place of chart recorders to capture, record and document challenging pressure transients, and to monitor pressure and temperature trends over extended time periods.


Hand-held temperature probe can be used to record maximum hot water temperatures for all plumbing fixtures. Create a permanent record of all your hot water settings, then print a report on site and give to your customers.

Why Choose the Presscision PPT Instrument...

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